Doug and his wife, Willie, have lived on the Westside for over 43 years and have raised two sons here. Doug is proud to have received the trust of voters and served the people of the City of West Kelowna as a full time Mayor for the last 10 years and previously one year as Councillor. He is well-qualified to represent the citizens of the City of West Kelowna on Council for another term.

His involvement in the community has not only included Chair of the Westside Governance Committee studying the incorporation of the Westside over the span of several years, but he also served as President of the Glenrosa Resident’s Association on two separate occasions.

Doug is proud of his 100% attendance at Council meetings since Incorporation in 2007, and near perfect attendance as a West Kelowna Director to the Regional District Board. Doug is also pleased that during his 3 terms as Mayor, council has limited tax increases to 3% or less, thus keeping West Kelowna affordable.

Doug has been described by many residents as a "very accessible Mayor." West Kelowna is home for Doug and his family and he has dedicated a great amount of time for the betterment of his fellow Westside residents.

Doug's focus as Mayor has been:

  1. Overcoming the Infrastructure Deficit
    Our City with a significant population endured rural forms of local government for decades prior to incorporation without the commensurate establishment of physical infrastructure for a city of our size. While the rural forms of government - the Regional District, the Irrigation Districts and Ministry of Transportation providing roads and drainage maintenance along with subdivision approval functions did their best, they did not have the important financial and legislative tools that a city does. Doug and council colleagues have worked to harness the effectiveness and impact of those tools in addressing roads, sidewalk, drainage, water quality, parks, recreation and so on to begin to overcome that deficit through projects and put in place 20 year master plans to address that hard infrastructure deficit.
  2. Ethics and Integrity
    Doug has always acted with integrity. He justifies his position on council issues and faithfully represented the position of council even when he was not personally in agreement. He has expected the best performance from our city leadership and management, and expected honesty from those who seek to do business with the city. Doug has ensured he is clear of conflicts of interest and worked to ensure there was transparency when others were in that position.
  3. Good Governance
    In the politically charged environment of the world today he is proud of the collaborative, respectful and analytical working environment at the West Kelowna Council table. While council may not all agree with the point of view of others, council makes good decisions and respect them and move forward from there.
  4. Strong Organizational Leadership
    From day one in his role as Mayor, he worked to build a strong organization and engaged leadership. West Kelowna is in a strong fiscal position for the age of the city and senior staff are responsive to the public and accountable to council. At the same time during his terms as Mayor property tax increases have been 3% or less which helps make life in West Kelowna affordable and sustainable for all.

Doug has held a number of positions during the past decade related to local government in the Okanagan:

  • City of West Kelowna Mayor: 2008 – 2018
  • Westside Municipality Councillor- 2007 – 2008
  • Regional District Central Okanagan Vice Chair of Board: 2017 – 2018
  • Regional District Central Okanagan Board Member- 2007 – 2018
  • Regional District Alternate Director- 2007
  • Sustainable Transportation Partnership Central Okanagan Mayors Council- 2011 – 2018
  • Okanagan Basin Water Board Chair - 2014 – 2016
  • Okanagan Basin Water Board- 2011-2018
  • University of BC Okanagan External Advisory Committee- 2008– 2018
  • Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Director 2012 -2108
  • BC Mayors Caucus 2013-2018

Prior Community Involvement

  • Director Board - Interior Savings Credit Union 1996-2013
  • Glenrosa Homeowners (1980) & Glenrosa Residents Assoc. (1997-2001) President
  • Westbank Incorporation Study Committee - 1992-1994
  • Westside Governance Restructure Committee Chair - 2003-2007
  • RDCO Westside Advisory Planning Commission 1985-1986

Awards and Previous Career

  • Kelowna Chamber Top 40 over 40 - 2017
  • Queens Diamond Jubilee recipient - 2012
  • Queens Golden Jubilee recipient - 2002
  • Government of Canada - Secretary of State Department and Canadian Heritage Dept 1973-2007 District Manager
"Thank you to Mayor Findlater"

"The Okanagan’s best mayor won’t be seeking re-election. Doug Findlater, West Kelowna’s mayor since 2008, announced Friday that he won’t be seeking re-election in the Oct. 20 election.It wasn’t really a surprise. He has hinted for months that this could be his last term as mayor. He hasn’t ruled out a run for one of the six spots on council.

Findlater did a terrific job over the past decade, starting from scratch and building the city to what’s now the third-largest urban area in the valley. (Penticton has dropped to fourth.) Much more than its Kelowna counterpart, West Kelowna city council favours robust debate. Councillors exchange pointed opinions with one another, and aren’t shy about grilling city staff on policy details or the various reasons for which various recommendations are presented.

It can be an at-times lively environment in council chambers. But, Findlater always provided the calm, even-handed approach one expects of a good mayor leading a council made up of different personalities. His work chairing a local governance committee that predated the 2007 vote in favour of incorporation gave him an invaluable understanding of the role and powers of local government. That knowledge carried over into his political career as, first, a city councillor, and then the mayor.

West Kelowna’s budgets have been prudent, providing for an annual tax increase of about three per cent. That was somewhat higher than the inflation rate, but demonstrated more cost-consciousness than Kelowna council’s have shown over the past few decades. That’s all the more remarkable, since West Kelowna is a young city, without the kind of deep financial reserves that Kelowna can draw on. Again, much of the credit for the admirable management of public money must go to the mayor.

Findlater experienced a public rebuke of sorts, when voters shot down plans for West Kelowna’s first city hall. But, the fact the proposal even went to voters, when it might have been ushered into existence through the sneaky and ill-named Alternate Approval Process, was due to Findlater’s determination it was an issue worthy of a referendum.

Findlater has been an engaged, thoughtful, fair-minded politician. We hope his legacy will be continued by whoever succeeds him in the mayor’s chair this fall.

The best way to describe Doug Findlater is an honest, straight shooter, who always had the best interests of his community at heart. The mayor’s job can be stressful. Findlater deserves credit for not hanging around too long. He knew now was the time to go.

Should he choose to run for council, he’d be an asset to the new mayor and council members.

In the meantime, on behalf of the residents of West Kelowna, the regional district and the entire valley, thank you to Doug and Willie Findlater for their service to the community. You will be gone, missed, but not forgotten."
- James Miller, Editor, July 30, 2018