The City of West Kelowna is nearly 11 years old with a population now of some 35,000, having incorporated in December of 2007. Prior to that time we were a community of then 28,000 with rural and fractured local governance, largely provided by Regional District of Central Okanagan, and the Ministry of Highways (roads and subdivision approval), and two water purveyor Improvement Districts. West Kelowna has evolved in the years following municipal incorporation, putting in place a solid accountable local government, and carrying out and implementing core municipal infrastructure Master Plans.

Infrastructure Projects

  1. Gellatly Bay Road Recreational Corridor completed to CNR Wharf and WFN Beach, additional extension to Highway 97 in planning stages for 2015 construction.
  2. Jim Lind Arena - significant modernization and energy efficiency upgrades completed to 40 year old facility with notable Federal assistance.
  3. Major road upgrades: Boucherie Road (Wine Route phases), Hudson Road including sidewalks, Brown Road (downtown revitalization with new development), Elliot Road (Transit), Westlake Road to urban standard. Future phases of these and other roads currently being planned.
  4. Four year Multi Phase Sewer Service Strategy complete for approximately 1500 Connections in 2009-2012.
  5. Successfully lobbied MP and MLA for secured Funding for approximately 500 additional Sewer Service Connections in 2012 and 2013.
  6. Approximately 100 kilometers of Road Rehabilitation.
  7. Approximately 25 kilometers of Sidewalks and paved pedestrian shoulder.
  8. Sidewalks and cycling paths constructed with most new arterial road projects as per Transportation Master Plan.
  9. Retrofits of Gellatly and Casa Loma Boat Launches.
  10. Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre Seismic and Structural upgrades.
  11. McDougall Creek and Casa Loma neighbourhood Flood Mitigation projects to protect homes and municipal infrastructure from flooding in the event of major water event.
  12. Lakeview Heights Community Hall - significant upgrades for modernization, disability access and energy efficiency. Outdoor recreation on site, including children's playground, lacrosse box enhancement, and pickleball courts for all ages.
  13. Successfully lobbied Ministry of Transportation for advance left turn signals, new streetlights and centre line barriers on Highway 97 for safety reasons.
  14. $8.5 Million West Kelowna RCMP Detachment building completed on budget, and with majority of debt payment covered through leasing to Provincial Detachment and others.
  15. Drainage and Storm water Plan complete.
  16. Children’s Water park in Westbank Centre with assistance from Westbank Rotary.
  17. Disability Access Improvements to City Hall, Royal LePage Place and Parks.
  18. West Kelowna Skatepark Completed after lobbying for federal funding.
  19. Annette Beaudreau Amphitheatre at Memorial Park completed after lobbying for federal funding.
  20. Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant (13000 people) $41 Million grant funding secured, currently in design phase.
  21. Lighted soccer field (Rosewood) and baseball (Boucherie) fields, and Lighted Tennis Courts Lakeview Heights.
  22. Upgraded Pickleball Courts.
  23. Mt. Boucherie Rush Trail opened.
  24. Westbank Cemetery beautifies, modernized and operates on a financially sustainable basis.
  25. Received donation of ownership of Lions Hall from Westbank Lions Club.

Supporting Sustainable Growth

  1. Secured 10 acre Bartley Road Crown Lands as industrial site in West Kelowna (work on this began in 2006 by the Westside Governance Committee).
  2. Our first ‘made in West Kelowna’ Official Community Plan Adopted.
  3. West Kelowna Zoning Bylaw Adopted.
  4. Westbank Revitalization Plan completed.
  5. Transportation Master Plan complete – gradual upgrade of rural roads to urban standard with sidewalks and cycling paths, transit routes.
  6. Major Water Utility Master Plan at Final Review prior to adoption. Water conservation measures in place.
  7. Agriculture Plan to encourage and preserve Agriculture. Agriculture Advisory Committee established.
  8. Waterfront Plan completed.
  9. Transit Agreement with Province, Transit Exchanges completed. Bus Rapid Transit between Westbank and University of BC Okanagan Campus implemented. Further Transit route adjustments being implemented.
  10. Maintaining a semi rural character and prevent further urban sprawl in West Kelowna.
  11. As Chair of OKANAGAN BASIN WATER BOARD, influenced the creation of a robust Zebra Quagga Mussel Program by the Provincial and Federal Governments.

Economic Development and Enhancement

  1. Change to "City of West Kelowna" status from "District" with assistance from MLA Christy Clark.
  2. Economic Development Plan Completed and being implemented.
  3. Tourism Westside – supporting local business and employees.
  4. Westside Wine Trail sponsored, now set up as Society, creation of Westside Farm Loop and West Kelowna (Art) Studio Tour.
  5. Summer Music in Park, World Music Festival, support for Westside Daze.)
  6. Lobbied Okanagan Regional Library to retain and expand Westbank Branch in same location.
  7. Support and encouragement of Agri-Tourism.
  8. Mayor and Council Monthly visits to WK Businesses on site.
  9. Manufacturers (Stevens Road) Roundtable Consultation.
  10. Annual Mayor's Breakfast with Business.
  11. Semi-Annual Developers and UDI (Urban Development Institute) Forum.
  12. Canadian Homebuilders Association (CHBA) have commented that City of West Kelowna has an open approach to work with CHBA and UDI, commended DWK to encourage quicker permitting and openness to working with developers and treating them as customers.
  13. Annual Presentations to the Greater Westside Board of Trade (Chamber of Commerce) Board.
  14. Support for Mission Hill Winery Expansion (short and long term economic benefits).
  15. Westbank Museum Relocated to new location and partnered with Westside Tourism Visitor Information Centre in renovated Breeze Block building.
  16. West Kelowna Civic Centre proposal to revitalize downtown area and improve Interior Health Services in West Kelowna.


  1. Transit negotiations, Rapid Bus Service from West Kelowna to Kelowna being implemented. Transit Exchanges at Westbank and Boucherie Centre. Transit Service levels increased and more to come in 2019.
  2. Creation of Sustainable Transportation Partnership of the Central Okanagan governance organization with West Kelowna, Kelowna, WFN, Peachland and Lake Country all as fully contributing financial partners (as opposed to the previous model where only Kelowna and West Kelowna financially contributed.)
  3. Successful transition of Roads Maintenance from BC Government to CWK Roads contractor with service level and quality adjustments being made each year based on public feedback.
  4. RCMP Contract with Province transitioned 4 years earlier than planned by provincial transition arrangements allowing Council to set service levels and priorities, and contain costs.
  5. Joanne Konnert Health Service report completed. Health Service Advisory Committee established with IHA participation. Westside Urgent Health Care Centre – continued lobbying and planning for this necessary facility underway.
  6. Major CNR Wharf Rebuild - Enhanced and safer youth recreation on the Gellatly Bay waterfront.
  7. Major new Rosewood Sports Field at new Mar Jok Elementary complete (with provincial assistance).
  8. Bicycle and Sidewalk Network Plan in development to create neighbourhood and community connectivity. Funds allocated in Capital Plan to make this a reality.
  9. Parks and Recreation Master Plan completed and being implemented.
  10. Recreational Trails Master Plan completed.
  11. Annual Mayor's Youth Forum at Mount Boucherie Secondary School with Westside students established. Forum to look at needs of youth and means to recognize youth achievements. Mayor reports out on progress to the students.
  12. Pritchard Park (waterfront) Expansion.
  13. Beach Access upgrades - Osprey and Paddlewheeler Park.
  14. Wildhorse Park (Smith Creek neighbourhood) planning underway.
  15. Glenrosa Wildfire Park, Bartley/97 Park, Shannon Woods Lake Off Leash Dog Park Created.
  16. Upgrades to Westbank and Lakeview Fire Halls.
  17. All water utilities (including Westbank Irrigation and Lakeview Irrigation) seamlessly integrated into City of West Kelowna.
  18. Affordable Housing – Developments embraced, safe legal Secondary Suites and Carriage House Bylaw.

Bylaws and Safety

  1. Hired RCMP Reservists to carry out addition Traffic enforcement.
  2. Traffic Calming initiatives - South Boucherie (Mission Hill), Smith Creek, Glenrosa, Pritchard, Shannon Lake, Casa Loma.
  3. Continued strong support for Citizens Patrol and Speed Watch volunteers.
  4. Implemented and developed funding partnerships for RCMP School Liaison Officer with Peachland, and RDCO.
  5. Community Wildfire Protection Plan - Forest Fire Fuel Mitigation on Public Lands.
  6. Lobbying Province for action on Forest Fuel Mitigation on Private Lands.
  7. Sign Bylaw revised, Wayfinding Signage program.
  8. Good Neighbour Bylaw.
  9. Joined Okanagan- wide Bylaw Adjudication process to reduce cost, time and encourage resolution of infractions.
  10. Glenrosa alternate evacuation access in summer months has signs and promotion until a long term solution can be found. Long term planning for Alternate route in progress.
  11. Glenrosa street lights and deer warnings to reduce collision with deer in place.
  12. Secondary Suite policy implemented to ensure safe, regulated affordable housing.
  13. Downtown Westbank street markings and turn arrows improved.
  14. Sidewalks installed near schools Glenrosa Elementary, Shannon Lake, Mar Jok, Rose Valley, Helen Gorman, Hudson, George Pringle, Constable Neil Bruce Middle.
  15. Implemented Wildsafe (Bear Aware) Programme.
  16. Numerous Declarations of States of Emergency to protect residents, city infrastructure and property from fires and floods.


  1. Federal and Provincial Government Infrastructure funding Programs accessed successfully.
  2. Fostered excellent working and collegial Relationship with MLAs Christy Clark and Ben Stewart, and MP's Dan Albas, Steve Fuhr, previously Stockwell Day and Ron Cannon.
  3. Ensured major key RDCO Regional Parks acquisitions in West Kelowna- Goats Peak Regional Park, Glen Canyon Regional Park corridor completed (Hildebrand and Reece Properties) in West Kelowna acquired.
  4. School District #23 Joint Use Agreements. Mar Jok Elementary with new municipal recreational facilities included.
  5. Westbank First Nation (Communities in Bloom, together first in Canada).
  6. CWK Fire Rescue Fire Services Agreement with WFN.
  7. RDCO Services (Transfer Station implemented, Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion).
  8. Sustainable Transportation Partnership on Transportation with Kelowna, WFN and other municipalities.
  9. Inter Municipal Mayor’s Association (Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton and West Kelowna Mayors meet quarterly).
  10. Numerous presentations at Neighbourhood and Resident Associations Annual General Meetings from one end of West Kelowna to the other.
  11. Many Public Budget Consultations and Open Houses on various Master Plans and Council was very responsive to public comments.
  12. Established Advisory Planning Commission, Agricultural Advisory Committee, and Health Advisory Committee all composed of citizens who provide invaluable advice to Council.

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Property Tax increases 3% or under per year during Doug Findlater's terms as Mayor.
  2. 10 Year Financial Plan demonstrating manageable tax increases with growth of Services and Infrastructure needs being addressed.
  3. Diversification of tax base by fair taxation for business, and encouraging commercial and industrial development.
  4. Ongoing Investigation of providing services by CWK rather than by RDCO or Kelowna via Service Reviews of Region District Central Okanagan Services, Noxious Insect, Noxious Weed, Information Technology repatriated to within WK budget as they can be delivered more effectively by West Kelowna. Regional Rescue, other RDCO programs restructured to CWK benefit, successfully encouraged RD to adopt regular rotating service reviews of programs with a few to ensure those programs are still relevant to the taxpayer. Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant under review and negotiation.
  5. Creation of Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant Committee at RDCO as oversight body for this expensive service. Mayor of West Kelowna chairs this committee.
  6. Creation and implementation of Asset Management Plan to ensure core infrastructure such as roads, water, sewer, buildings do not deteriorate but rather receive planned regular maintenance.

Other Events

  1. Glenrosa and Rose Valley Fires 2009, Seclusion Bay Fire 2010, Mount Boucherie, Smith Creek and Drought Hill Fires 2014. Mayor present in Emergency Operations Center as necessary, careful consideration of Declarations of States of Emergency to facilitate firefighting efforts and evacuations, visitations of Evacuation Centers, Command Centers to support efforts, Hosting of Premiers Campbell and Clark as per their on the scene visits. Financial impact on City was minimal due to partnerships with others and the Province of BC.
  2. Continued lobbying of BC Hydro for second radial transmission line to West Kelowna. At the time of the recent Smith Creek fire, Mayor reminded Premier MLA of this serious issue, Premier public committed to "fix this problem" in the future so CWK not at risk due to single power line. At recent UBCM meetings, secured a commitment from BC Hydro to provide the next step in the business plan for a second line by the end of November 2014.
  3. Houseboat colony successfully removed from Gellatly Bay and Kalamoir Park by implementing Water Use Zoning, and Crown Licence of Occupation and successful defense of Zoning Bylaw in BC Courts, now seeking coverage of costs from Houseboat owner.
  4. Vigilance in ensuring City of West Kelowna watersheds and infrastructure remain protected.
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