Registration information and other election-related rules

Please refer to the Elections BC website in order to get accurate information on rules and regulations affecting the October 20, 2018 municipal elections in British Columbia.

Wanting to donate to Doug Findlater's campaign?

Running a political campaign, no matter for which office, involves a fair bit of cost. Doug appreciates anyone wishing to donate to his campaign. Due to several changes to the Election BC rules relative to donations, please read the following highly important information.

The BC Municipal Election Financing rules have undergone very significant changes. Please read these new rules carefully if you are wanting to donate to Doug Findlater for his campaign as a Candidate for West Kelowna Council on October 20, 2018:

  • Only individuals who are Canadian citizens and BC residents can donate. Donations by company cheques are not acceptable. Companies, corporations or partnerships are no longer permitted to donate either in cash or through donated services.
  • The maximum any individual is allowed to donate in a calendar year is $1200.
  • Any donation in “kind” e.g. office furniture, rent, computers must be reported and the market value of those donated items must be reported as a donation.
  • The name of any donor who donates more than $100 will be included in the report to Elections BC and will become public information.
  • Unlike a donation to a Provincial or Federal Political candidate or Party, no tax credit or tax deductions are available to the donor

Doug appreciates small donations to help his campaign.

  • Donors can contact Michael Prosser, Financial Agent, at prosser@shaw.ca
  • Donations should be made by personal cheque to Doug Findlater Campaign.